Step 1- Don’t panic.

Step 2- Email with your updated information and situation, and then wait for an answer from the Program Officer.

Step 3- Call TCF and any other scholarship organizations you receive funding from if you have questions.

Per The CIRI Foundation Probation/Infraction Provision Policy, TCF recipients of a scholarship or vocational training grant who do not maintain both requirements (completion of funded coursework and a cumulative 2.5 GPA) during the academic term may be in a probation or infraction situation.

  • The first time a student does not maintain the requirements for good standing, they are placed on Probation Status.
    • Scholarship and grant recipients have one (1) opportunity for probation.
    • Students on probation are eligible to receive one (1) term of scholarship funding.
    • There are no financial penalties associated with this term.
    • During the probationary term, a student will receive a letter with the terms of their probation- usually maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA for the term and completing all credits on the submitted schedule.
    • The probationary term is an opportunity to improve cumulative GPA or otherwise refocus efforts to remain in good standing.
    • Applicants on Probation Status must send their Official Transcripts after their probationary term.
  • Students who do not maintain the requirements for a second (or third, etc.) time will be placed on an Infraction Status.
    • Students on Infraction Status are ineligible to receive funding for one (1) application deadline, from the date of determination made by TCF.
    • Sitting out for a deadline (or more) does not negate an Infraction Status — this means you must apply, even if you think you may be on Infraction Status, in order for TCF to make a determination.
    • Students on Infraction Status will receive a letter containing the next deadline for which they are eligible to apply.

Send TCF written notification of any changes in enrollment immediately. You may be able to work with TCF and your school’s financial aid office to reduce the impacts of enrollment changes and maintain good standing for your funding.