The CIRI Foundation (TCF) has implemented a Life-Time Award Limit Policy. This policy will help ensure that all CIRI original enrollees and their lineal descendants have an opportunity to benefit from the support of TCF.

The policy means TCF applicants will now have a Life-Time Limit Amount for each degree-level category noted below. Scholarships from other organizations that are administered by TCF do not count toward your Life-Time Limit. You can check your Life-Time Award Limit Amount in your Student Profile. Login to see how much funding you have used so far.

As with all of TCF’s policies, applicants must meet all of TCF’s funding requirements to be considered. All awards are subject to available funding. The policy will take effect on January 1, 2014. All awards approved after the January 1, 2014 effective date will be included in an applicant’s life-time award limit amount. The first application deadline after the effective date is the March 31, 2014 vocational training/certificate-seeking deadline. An additional update to the policy will be implemented effective March 1, 2019 regarding an increase to the Life-Time Award Limit amount for each degree-level category due to an increase in the general scholarship and vocational training grant award amounts.

The policy will be implemented as follows:

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