Rinnah Andrew
Office Assistant
TCF Recipient

1.What inspired you to become a member of the TCF team?
The CIRI Foundation has been one of my biggest supporters while going to school both financially and personally. The staff at TCF was always helpful when it came to applying for scholarships and internships. TCF has funded my education since my freshman year of college and because of them I am debt/loan free. It’s nice to know that TCF supports the next generation of leaders through education, employment, vocational training and grants. It’s an honor and privilege to work for TCF part time as an office assistant.

2. What do you do in your spare time?
During my free time in winter, I love to go on long walks with my dog, hike, ice skate, and sled; see movies; hang out with friends and family; relax at home; or to be productive and get some chores or errands done. During the summer, I enjoy hiking more than anything, but also camping, fishing, berry picking, biking, walking, and everything outdoors.

3. What advice do you have for TCF recipients?
I would suggest never giving up. Focus on what really matters in life. Always stay positive and look for the good in every situation; in life you either win or learn.

In high school, math was not my favorite subject. Being a Business Management major, I have to take a lot of math-based courses for my degree. By not giving up on my studies, even for difficult subjects, I have been able to accomplish them through hard work.

Education is a tool and skill. Learn how to study and learn how to master it.