The Gift of Continuing Education
Story and Photo from Jacob Schmidt

Dear The CIRI Foundation,

I wanted to take a moment and try to put into words what the support I have received over the years has meant to me. Financial support from The CIRI foundation has allowed me to pursue educational goals beyond my undergraduate degree. It has allowed me to focus on school, and ease the stress that comes with paying for it.

This year, as a recipient of the John N. Colberg Endowment Scholarship Fund, I will be able to complete my third year of law school at Gonzaga University, a feat I would not have thought possible just a few years ago. My educational goals have been one stop on a long road, a road that ultimately I know will lead back to Alaska, and back to my family. I plan to be able to give back as generously to the people who gave so much to me.

Without your support, I could not have gotten where I am today, thank you so much for your generosity and for bolstering my educational success!

Jacob Schmidt

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