Ryan Newton

1. What Inspired you to become a board member with The CIRI Foundation?

I wanted to serve on the TCF board to be able to give back to those descendants and shareholders who are pursuing their educational goals. While eligible to apply I’m not a recipient, I have received scholarships from foundations and funds for Alaska Natives on more than one occasion. I know the value of a good education and how much it helps to receive a scholarship allowing you to attain your goals.

2. What is your greatest accomplishment?

I am a proud veteran and member of the Alaska Army National Guard. My military service also helped me pursue my education. I thoroughly enjoy and am proud of both of those aspects of my academic and professional experience. Pursuing my passions of self development with perseverance are what I’d consider my greatest accomplishments. For me they go hand in hand. My education helps my career, and my career often helps lead me to pursue new academic goals.

3. What advice do you have for TCF Recipients?

My advice to TCF Recipients is to follow through with your academic goals. Though it is a difficult road for many it truly pays off and gives you motivation to conquer a new goal.