Susan Wells

1. What Inspired you to become a board member with The CIRI Foundation? 

I wanted to become a board member of TCF because I was a recipient of funding and wanted to be that encouragement to future recipients. TCF was an encouragement all throughout my studies. As a teacher, I helped many a student apply for funding. My advice was always complete as much of the application as you can and submit what you have before the deadline. The TCF staff was always so helpful to me, I’d tell them. I know they will go above and beyond because they did so for me.


2. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love to fish. Starting in early spring with hooligan and all through until the silvers run. I love cleaning and putting up fish, whether it be smoking, kippering or canning.


3. What advice do you have for TCF Recipients?

If you don’t submit an application you will not get funding! Just do it!”