Tips on Assessing Program Effectiveness- Evaluating Grant Activities and Participant Response 

Curious about why TCF and other grant-making organizations ask so many questions about your evaluation plans? This information is not only required by nearly every funder, it actually will help strengthen your program!

TCF also has an article on the importance of project assessment and tips on how to plan a simple and effective (maybe even painless) project evaluation. (It will be available to download soon, in the meantime, please email us for a copy.) This document includes sample evaluations for grants through Education, Heritage, and A Journey to What Matters: Increased Alaska Native Art and Culture project grants.

Planning the grant evaluation from the very beginning helps to ensure that everything lines up and your grant application is as strong as possible. You can think about this in terms of a way to double check that your activities support your goal and that your project will have impact — all important things to communicate for why a funder should invest in your project.

Below you will find options to download the grantee toolkit that includes sample surveys and the forms TCF uses for final grant evaluation. Remember that any assessment of participant experiences (surveys and questionnaires, photos, video, or other data collection) is part of the overall grant evaluation that is submitted to funders. A summary of the participants’ data supports the final grant evaluation in providing you with information on who participated, what impacts the activities had for participants, whether the project met its stated goals, and what feedback you may consider in planning future projects.

Finally, we are always happy to have a conversation about what we are looking for and why. Please give us a call or email and let’s set up time to talk.

Grantee Toolkit

Our toolkit is currently being updated for 2019. Please email if you are a grantee in need of one of our forms or media.

Required Documents for TCF Grants

Our applications are currently being updated for 2019.