The CIRI Foundation’s (TCF) Internship Program supports individuals in obtaining temporary, supervised, on-the-job training to develop employment skills and gain practical work experience.  Internships combine formal education with practical work experience to improve the prospects for permanent employment.  Each internship experience is unique and adapted to the applicant’s area of interest and specific career goals.

The program is designed to financially support an internship placement that has been preliminarily obtained by the applicant. The program does not place interns with organizations, but works to support the individual’s internship by matching a portion of the intern’s salary (normally 50% of an entry level position salary, per contract).

Applicants are encouraged to contact a TCF Team Member before submitting an application to discuss further details. There are four deadlines for internship applicants. This program requires a paper application. Applications must be received on or before the deadline.


No applications will be accepted in 2023.

Amount: Subject to available funding.


  • CIRI original enrollee or direct lineal descendant
  • Should be enrolled in or recently graduated from a 2 or 4  year degree program or graduate degree program -OR- enrolled in or recently completed a technical skills training program at an accredited post-secondary institution
  • An internship position preliminary secured by the applicant
  • Should have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average or higher

Internship Details:

  • Intern wages are typically based on an entry level position wage scale. The wage will be negotiated between the intern and employer with consultation from TCF if needed.
  • Per contract terms (between intern, employer and TCF) TCF will reimburse for 50% of the interns wage to the employer at the completion of the internship.

Internship Terms:

  • The intern, the employer, and TCF have different roles during an Internship. All parties will collaborate to identify an appropriate placement, job description, orientation to the organization, and periodic/final evaluations.
  • Details of the internships are subject to approval by TCF, the intern, and the employer before the beginning of the internship.
  • Intern and employer must meet all terms of contract.
  • Interns may work up to 40 hours per week or be part-time. Total hours worked during internship cannot exceed 480 hours.
  • Applicants will be evaluated based on the information submitted with their application.
  • Internships are subject to available funding.