A Journey To What Matters Project Grant- First Light at Mt. Edgecumbe

Project: First Light at Mount Edgecumbe
Grantee: First Light Alaska
Story and Photo by: Loulare Moore

It was an honor and a pleasure for me to participate in the Mount Edgecumbe classes this spring. Not only was I allowed to share some of what I have within me, I gained a broad respect for the students pursuing their education so far away from home. Along with their education, they are acquiring new skills as part of a healthy start for a good life.

I had a chance to experience interacting with some of the younger generation and it stirred up my own youth. I allowed myself to be one of them as they allowed themselves to be open to part of my life.

I believe what those involved, including the Superintendent, faculty, staff and students gained, was a lasting feeling of wellness. Many of the cultural activities that I have involved myself in and with produce good fruits of wellness. If I was given the chance to do the same thing again, I would gladly do it without hesitation. I am thankful for an opportunity like this to be part of something so good. It is actually very awesome.

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