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NEW Sponsorship Opportunity: TCF's education and training resource guide

The upcoming 2024-2025 edition marks a significant milestone as we expand our content to include vocational training information, alongside our traditional educational resources.

This invaluable guide is provided free of charge, and we’re seeking sponsors to cover printing and distribution costs.

Your Impact:

  • Widespread Distribution: The guide is distributed in print via the ANCSA Education Consortium and at events such as the Elders & Youth Conference, CIRI potlatches, and NYO Games Alaska. It is also available as a downloadable PDF on TCF’s homepage.
  • Complimentary Access: Your sponsorship ensures this resource reaches young adults at no cost, maximizing its impact and accessibility.
  • Visibility: As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently featured, demonstrating your commitment to supporting education and vocational training.

Join us in this impactful venture. To learn more or confirm your sponsorship, please contact Rachael Fisher, Communications Manager, at rfisher@thecirifoundation.org

Education is an important tool for all who seek financial self-sufficiency and an improved quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The CIRI Foundation is proud to offer scholarships and grants that help Alaska Native beneficiaries of CIRI to participate in post-secondary education thanks, in part, to donors like you.

  • A donor’s gift benefits both The CIRI Foundation and the donor.  It provides important educational financial assistance for Alaska Native enrollees to Cook Inlet region and their direct lineal descendants who are students in schools, colleges, universities, and other accredited institutions of learning.
  • It also helps The CIRI Foundation to be financially self-reliant upon its own endowment earnings and private charitable contributions, instead of depending upon the uncertainties of government funding.
  • For the donor, there is the satisfaction of making a gift to an ongoing and worthwhile educational program that assists many people in achieving life-changing goals through education. This investment in the future of others shows your devotion to people by sharing your resources.
  • Second, you can memorialize your contribution to scholarships by making it a gift in memory of a relative or friend who has passed away.
  • Third, your gift for scholarships can be made to honor a living person or commemorate a special event in the life of the donor’s family.
  • Finally, your contribution is tax-deductible since The CIRI Foundation has an IRS 501 (c)(3) charitable organization status.
  • There are several ways in which an individual donor may make a charitable gift that may be designated for The CIRI Foundation’s educational scholarship, grant, and internship programs.
Requesting a Donation Form

Would you like to donate to The CIRI Foundation in honor of a Named Scholarship Fund? You can request a donation form by providing your name and email below.

Please click here to learn more about TCF’s Designated Endowments and Named Fund awards.

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    Before making any gift, you should contact your accountant or attorney for tax or legal advice applicable to your situation.  These include:
    Cash Donation

    Writing a check to The CIRI Foundation is the most direct and easiest way for you to make a charitable contribution.  It is a way to express appreciation for what The CIRI Foundation is doing to assist scholarship and grant recipients, and can be given in honor or memory of another person.

    Gifting by Will

    Naming The CIRI Foundation in your will is an excellent way to provide a legacy of educational scholarships and grants for future generations.

    You may specify in your will a portion or all of your real property,  or securities which you may have publicly traded, to go directly to The CIRI Foundation. Your gift towards The CIRI Foundation’s various endowments can be designated to the Scholarship and Grant Programs, the Village Scholarship Programs, or the Internship Program.

    Gifting by Will: Life Estate

    One variation of the will is a gift through a “life estate.”  With this approach, you may provide by will that some or all of your property shall go to an individual for the life of such individual and, thereafter, to The CIRI Foundation.

    In this way, you may provide for a loved one during his or her life by allowing that person to use, enjoy and receive income and dividends from the property while preserving the property itself for later as a gift to The CIRI Foundation.

    Contingent Life Insurance

    Specifying The CIRI Foundation as a contingent beneficiary in your life insurance policy allows the benefits of your policy to go to The CIRI Foundation in the event other specified beneficiaries do not survive you.

    Appreciated securities, real estate, collectibles, and personal property

    Donating securities, real estate, artwork, book, collectibles or other assets that have increased in value provides another potential source of scholarship funds for The CIRI Foundation.  Contributions of this type can provide a double tax benefit in some cases – a charitable contribution deduction and avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the property that is donated.

    The foregoing is intended as a guide to gifting options and may not directly apply to your personal financial circumstances. Before making any gift, you should contact your accountant or attorney for tax or legal advice applicable to your situation.