Volunter with TCF

Want to Give Back?
Consider volunteering with The CIRI Foundation

The CIRI Foundation has a variety of options to fit your interests from helping us at an event booth to serving on the Board of Directors. Do you have other ideas about ways you would like to give back? We would love to speak with you!

Check out the opportunities below, and please contact us if you have any questions about these options or are interested in volunteering.

Host a Coffee Chat

Are you interested in connecting with other TCF Recipients in your area?

We know how much fun it is to connect over coffee or tea with other TCF Recipients and play 3-degrees of separation, but aren’t always in your area. If you would like to host a coffee chat, we’ll do the leg work and buy the coffee!

There have been over 15,000 individual awards since TCF’s inception in 1982, and TCF Recipients now live across the country and around the world. When we travel, TCF will usually host a coffee chat near an institution where current TCF Recipients attend. We bring our newest Education Resource Handbook and up-to-date information on what we do. We also create a space for TCF Recipients to meet each other- you could be thousands of miles from home, but just around the corner from a cousin.

What does hosting entail:

– Choosing a location near you

– Being willing to hang out and meet other TCF Recipients

– Remembering to bring the materials we send your way

– Sharing a story or photos of your get-together

What would TCF do:

– Research nearby TCF Recipients

– Send invitations

– Manage any RSVPs

– Send you current materials to share

– Pay for your coffee or tea

If you would like to know more about hosting a coffee chat, contact us at tcf@thecirifoundation.org.

Board Service

Would you like to serve on TCF’s Board of Directors?

The board provides policy and direction for The CIRI Foundation, and has led TCF since 1982. It is responsible for the organization and tasked with providing guidance on all business matters from approving award decisions to fundraising.

Past TCF Recipients (no longer attending school) are highly encouraged to apply.

Learn more and read what TCF’s current directors have to say here.

Potential board members should be able to articulate why they would like to serve on this board and what makes them uniquely qualified to serve in this capacity. Board members must be willing to commit to both attending meetings and working on projects between board meetings. Board members are expected to have experience in the following areas: non-profit or organization service; fundraising; financial management; advancing Alaska Native culture and language; advancing Alaska Native education; marketing and/or communications; developing policy; endowment fund investing.

If you are interested in serving on TCF’s Board of Directors, please apply here.