Eligibility for TCF Scholarships, Vocational Training Grants, and Fellowships

To be eligible for The CIRI Foundation’s post-secondary education scholarships and grants, you must be:

Please note that CIRI shareholder status does not determine eligibility, nor is it required for TCF’s Scholarships, Vocational Training Grants, or Fellowships.

Eligibility for Village Scholarship and Grant Programs

TCF proudly administers the following village scholarship and grant programs located within the Cook Inlet Region:

A written statement or enrollment card will be requested to verify your eligibility for these programs. 

Eligibility for RAVEN Fund Scholarships and Grants

In order to be eligible for  the RAVEN Fund, you must be:

If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us.
Call (800) 764-3382 or email tcf@thecirifoundation.org.