Now, not later New Opportunity: Trial Raven Fund

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) is offering limited funding to CIRI, Alaska Native, voting shareholders *who are not original enrollees or their direct lineal descendants* through The Raven Fund (a trial fund). The Raven Fund offers general scholarships and vocational training grants to qualified applicants.Learn more about eligibility, requirements and how to apply



Closed: September 30 Vocational Training Grant Deadline

The September 30 vocational training grant deadline is now closed. If you submitted an application, please watch your email for acknowledgement checklists which detail any additional information required to process your application.

The next vocational training grant deadline is the December 1, 2015 deadline, which opens on November 1.

CarvingUpcoming Project Grant Deadline

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) Heritage Project Grant, Education Project Grant, and Journey to What Matters: Increased Alaska Native Arts and Culture Grant September 1 deadline is now closed. The next deadline to apply is November 1, 2015.

Please visit  for more information on how to apply.




EHRB 2015-2016 cover2015-2016 TCF Education Resource Handbook  is now available. Learn more about other scholarships and grants available to you.

Indian Country Today published a surprising article that states many scholarships and grants for Alaska Native/American Indian students don’t have enough applicants seeking funding! Click Here to read this amazing article.

If you need access to available scholarships review TCF’s Education Resource Handbook

Upcoming TCF Deadlines

      • November 1 – Heritage and Education Project Grants deadline
      • November 1 – Journey to What Matters: Increased Alaska Native Arts and Culture deadline
      • December 1 – General Semester Scholarship
      • December 1 – Vocational Training Grant

ID CARD 2109657Have you Registered?

CIRI and TCF invite you to register as a CIRI descendant to receive your CIRI descendant card!

Direct lineal descendants of CIRI original enrollees are eligible for TCF scholarships and grants even if they have not registered as a CIRI descendant, but there are many benefits to enrolling.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the benefits and process for registering as a CIRI descendant.


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