Project: Traditional Alutiiq Skin Sewing and Beading Education (2015)
Grantee: Native Village of Afognak
Story and Photos by: Nina Gronn

The Native Village of Afognak (NVA) was awarded A Journey To What Matters grant from the CIRI Foundation. NVA used the funding at our Dig Afognak Youth camps for two separate traditional Alutiiq art projects.

Our first project was completed at our Traditional Harvesting and Adventure Earth camp, where the youth created fur pouches that replicated the traditional Alutiiq pouches that our ancestors used. The second project was completed at our Cauyaq (“Music” / Language) Camp, where the youth created Alutiiq head bands. The head bands were used as regalia for their Alutiiq dancing performance at the end of the 6-day long camp.

Both projects were taught by both lecture and hands on learning from a master skin sewer.


Photos provided by Nina Gronn, Executive Assistant, Native Village of Afognak