A Journey To What Matters- Traditional Material Arts at Elders and Youth

Project: Traditional Material Arts at Elders and Youth
Grantee: First Alaskans Institute
Story and Photo by: Lena Jacobs, Participant

I, along with my four children between the ages of 2 and 13 and my husband, attended the Athabascan beadwork and red and yellow cedar weaving workshops at the 2017 First Alaskans Institute Elders & Youth Conference. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in hands-on arts activities and to have my children participate as well. We learned new technical skills for tangible arts (I had never woven cedar before), but we also gained cultural knowledge to help guide our weaving and beading and understand when and how these activities should be done. We met new people as we were at large round tables and interacted with both Elders and youth from all over the state. The camaraderie and willingness of people to help each other and share new knowledge created a beautiful exchange, and I know that some of these people going home with this new knowledge will share it with others. We were so grateful to have this opportunity, and I look forward to more!

Additional Photos by: Sven Haakanson Jr.