A Journey To What Matters- Nutaqiq: A Circumpolar Art Show and Workshop

Project: Nutaqiq, a Circumpolar Art Show and Workshop
Grantee: Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska
Authored by: Holly Mititquq Nordlum
Photos by: Michael Conti Photography

Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska contracted me to organize and executed Nutaqtiq: A Circumpolar Inuit Art Show and Workshop during the ICC General Assembly 2018, in Utqiagvik, Alaska and for the residents there. The funds supplied by The CIRI Foundation were used to pay artist’s honorarium, buy supplies and print artworks on canvas for an art show. The festival had 7 artists participate from Greenland, Canada and Alaska and specialized in traditional tattooing, Ulu making and Cupaq sewing. The workshops had great public turn out, but more importantly the artists worked together and traded knowledge and techniques that were thought to be lost. Reintroducing each other to old ways. It was powerful and a wonderful celebration of Inuit culture. Lastly, we also had an art show that highlighted artist’s work.

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