It is so important we keep doing what we are doing, producing The RIVR (Rising Indigenous Voices Radio) at therivr.net for the next generation. A capacity-building and audience development grant from The CIRI Foundation supported our work to get the stream and its outreach on a stronger footing. Our stream has come along in a time where this generation of artists are really expressing themselves and talking about their roots, trauma, culture, reviving old songs and making them modern. Our listeners hear that and they can relate. 

Growing up I know I did not have a media source that felt like it spoke directly to me. Working with Alaska Native Native youth is rewarding to me and participating at events like the CIRI C3 camp is particularly inspiring. It gives The RIVR one-on-one time to really reach the youth involved and talk about culture and expression. We always play a game that incorporates The RIVR streaming app like musical chairs, hot potato, and an exercise where the youth participants pick a traditional value out of a hat and have to rap, sing or write a poem about that value.

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