I was one of the podcast producers for “Native Artist,” a project of Koahnic Broadcast Corporation’s Indigefi. I was responsible for producing the episodes featuring Christopher Auchter (Filmmaker and animator, Haida) Jeremy Dutcher (composer and musician, Tobique First Nation).

I really enjoyed getting to meet these Indigenous artists in their natural element. The produced episodes are just a portion of the conversations I had with them about their origins, passion, conflicts and techniques. What they had to say was inspirational and I hope the audience gets that, too.

I also really enjoyed the editing process because I was able to gather various types of audio beforehand. Once I got a handle of the format, I was able to add some color to the piece and be creative in the editing process; which is something I don’t always have time for as a producer.

The Native Artist podcast takes a deep dive into the stories of Indigenous artists, spanning a wide range of artistic disciplines. From directors and writers to carvers and fashion designers, artists share their unique stories and perspectives on navigating these fields while reclaiming Native identity. Listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.