Project: "The Storyteller" Arts and Culture Initiative: Production and Initial Outreach

Grantee: Koahnic Broadcast Corporation
Story by John Sallee (TCF Recipient)

The Storyteller is a 15-episode audio series produced by Koahnic Broadcast Corporation. The project aimed to revitalize old folktales and stories from Alaska Native people. As the lead producer, it was my job to bring these old stories back to the ears and eyes of the new generation in a modern and fresh way. The concept behind the series relies on the character, the Storyteller, who serves as the host of the series. Not only does the Storyteller hold a collection of stories from Alaska’s original peoples, but they serve as the interface of the series.

The website,, will serve as the base for all media involved with the project. This multimedia project includes shadow animation, a podcast, and an interactive website. This project has been the biggest learning experience of my life, educationally and professionally. Working with a graphic designer, shadow animator, website designer and Alaska Native artists simultaneously has been a great learning experience.

Not only did this project involve production work, but it involved behind the scenes work such as creative direction, marketing, contract writing and corporate outreach. Listening and editing these stories has been a joy, as not only have I rediscovered these folktales but it even gives me a sense of pride in my culture. While this series was mainly to be audio, I believe these folktales needed to align with modern technology by providing various visual mediums.

Production Art by
Steven Hammack

Premier animated story by Patricia Wade, “An Athabascan Story of Denali”