Lingit Shame Robe

Grantee: Bunnell Street Arts Center, Story by Jennifer Younger & Carol Hughey

Jennifer Younger, a contemporary Lingít artist, and Carol Hughey, a classically trained apparel designer, teamed up in the Mentorship program to create a ceremonial shame robe. The robe expresses outrage over the destructive commercial sac-roe herring fishery that violates the sovereign rights of the tribal citizens. This robe has been commissioned by the Kiks.ádi Kaxátjaashaa/ Herring Women, and will be unveiled and dedicated as at.óow/ ceremonial sacred object, on April 16th at the Yaaw Koo.éex’ / Herring Celebration.

Carol shared the process of apparel creation, from design phase through construction. Jennifer shared the sacredness of creating at.óow, and the protocols surrounding it. It has been a wonderful learning experience for both. We are unable to share specifics or further images of our work until after the unveiling.