An Alaska Native Cultural Heritage and Artistic Sovereignty in Museums Project funded through A Journey to What Matters

Healing Through
Educational Programs


Fissions of Native Identity is an exhibit that was proposed and co-curated by Native community members in Kodiak, and it is the first exhibit created using Kodiak History Museum’s revised temporary exhibits program. Throughout the exhibit design process, we were constantly confronted with the traumatic history of colonization, assimilation, and decimation that the Sugpiaq people continue to experience the consequences of today. We also recognized the role that our museum and its building played in that history.  

In order to celebrate the vibrancy of Kodiak’s Native culture and to promote healing from intergenerational trauma, KHM is producing a series of workshops, presentations, and artist guides facilitated by Sugpiaq artists during Summer 2023. Through these workshops, presentations, and artist guides, Sugpiaq artists will share knowledge with other community members using our museum as a platform and facilitator. Through the support provided by The CIRI Foundation, we are able to provide honoraria to each artist; these honoraria are a recognition of the expertise of and the invaluable time and effort given to the program by Sugpiaq artists and knowledge-bearers.  

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