Alaska Native Artist Gathering

Story & Photo by Nicholas Galanin

In May 2023, the Alaska Native Artist Gathering took place, organized by the Alaska Arts & Culture Foundation and the Alaska State Council on the Arts. This event celebrated the rich artistry of Alaska Native communities and fostered meaningful discussions around their contributions to art and culture.


The Alaska Native artist gathering provided a platform for Alaska Native creative leaders to engage in a free-form conversation about the challenges, concerns, and opportunities in the Alaska Native art scene. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, opinions, and suggestions regarding topics such as surveys, the Alaska Native Arts Advisory Committee, funding, representation, and the need for inclusivity. The meeting fostered dialogue, highlighted essential issues, and generated ideas for future actions, such as conducting a new survey, creating focus groups, increasing support for artists in rural areas, promoting Alaska Native art, and exploring opportunities for networking and collaboration. Additionally, the meeting served as a pre-conference event for the Alaska State Council on the Arts, allowing participants to engage in an arts activity and visit the Anchorage Museum, enhancing their cultural experiences and broadening their perspectives. Overall, this meeting was valuable in facilitating meaningful discussions and setting the stage for further progress in the Alaska Native Arts community.

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