Participating in the Indigefi “Native Artist” podcast

Story by Chloey Tláakw Sháa Cavanaugh


Participating in the Indigefi “Native Artist” podcast has been one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had being interviewed. It’s difficult to express in words the profound impact this platform has had on my sense of community and connection. The podcast, hosted by Chandre Iqugan Szafran, provided me with a rare and invaluable safe space to not only share my artistic journey but also engage in meaningful conversations with another remarkable indigenous voice. 

What stood out the most during my time on the podcast was the creation of a space where it went beyond just recounting my experiences as an artist. It became a series of “yes” moments, a beautiful intersection where the host, Chandre, not only comprehended my story but also resonated with many of the same experiences. This shared understanding fostered a deep connection that is not easily found elsewhere, leaving me with a heart full of gratitude.

The “Native Artist” podcast provided a healing space that is both rare and necessary. I am truly grateful for the sense of community that this project is cultivating. It goes beyond being a podcast; it is a testament to the power of storytelling, understanding, and building connections within our communities. 

Gunalcheesh! to Indigefi for creating such a meaningful and impactful platform!