The CIRI Foundation (TCF) offers a limited number of competitive, merit-based scholarships to full-time degree-seeking students. These scholarships are designed to recognize and appreciate academic excellence, community service, civic activities and contribution to the Native community among TCF recipients. 

Competitive Scholarships

Achievement Annual Scholarship Competitive merit scholarship for applicants with minimum 3.0 GPA for consideration. Accepted and enrolled full-time in a 4-year undergraduate degree or graduate degree program. Up to $8,000 for one academic year. Deadline: June 1.

Excellence Annual Scholarship Competitive merit scholarship for outstanding academic and community service experience. Minimum 3.5 GPA for consideration. Accepted and enrolled full-time in a 4-year undergraduate degree or graduate degree program. Up to $10,000 for one academic year. Deadline: June 1.

Special Excellence Annual Scholarship Competitive merit scholarship for exceptional academic experience and outstanding community service. Minimum 3.7 GPA. Accepted or enrolled full-time in a 4-year undergraduate or graduate degree program. Preference is given to the fields of business, education, math, sciences, health services, and engineering, though other areas may be considered. Up to $20,000 for one academic year. Deadline: June 1.

Designated Endowments and Named Funds Awards

The CIRI Foundation manages the following designated endowments and named funds. These funds were established to celebrate individuals and recognize specific accomplishments. Learn more about the donors for these scholarships and other previously endowed scholarships on our Donors page. 

Susie Qimmiqsak Bevins Endowment Fund Established in 1990 for a semester scholarship for studies in the visual, performing, and literary arts.

Margaret L. Brown Scholarship Fund Established by Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI) in 2013 in recognition of Margaret L. Brown, retired CIRI President/CEO (2005-2012) for her vigorous advocacy for post-secondary education, support of The CIRI Foundation’s goals and belief that making education financially accessible to CIRI original enrollees and their descendants will enable them to pursue life-changing education opportunities. These achievement scholarships are awarded to students pursuing degrees in Land Use Policy and Planning, Conversation Economics, Environmental Science, Education Policy or related fields.

Penny Carty Scholarship Fund Established in 2021, in memory of Penny Carty, who served the Cook Inlet region in a positive manner during her board service with The CIRI Foundation from 2001 through 2005, including serving as the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Awards made annually for general scholarship, vocational training grant or restart/kick start award.  Awards will be distributed with a preference for Alaska Native women students pursuing a business degree or other related fields of study; or focused on leadership; or Alaska Native women serving or intending to serve on boards for organizations supporting education (early learning through post-secondary) and/or the Alaska Native Community.

John N. Colberg Endowment Scholarship Fund Established in 2003 by CIRI and other private donors, in memory of Mr. Colberg, who served with distinction as Chairman and Chairman Emeritus on the CIRI Board of Directors for almost 30 years. Scholarships with preference leading to the study of law.

Roy M. Huhndorf Endowment Scholarship Fund Established in 1995 by Southcentral Foundation in recognition of Mr. Huhndorf, retired CIRI President/CEO (1975-95) and Chairman Emeritus of the CIRI Board of Directors, for his vigorous advocacy of health care services and higher education for CIRI Shareholders. These achievement and general scholarships are awarded to students pursuing health science degrees.

Peter Kalifornsky Memorial Endowment Fund Established by CIRI in 1993 in memory of Mr. Kalifornsky, a self-taught writer and scholar of Dena ’ina Athabascan descent. Students enrolled in Alaska Native studies are preferred.

Howard Keck/Westmin Ltd. Endowment Scholarship Fund Established in 1986 by The CIRI Foundation through funds provided by Howard Keck/Westmin Ltd. Scholarships in all fields are available.

Carl H. Marrs Scholarship Fund Established in 2001 by The CIRI Foundation through funds provided by Barbara Donatelli, Craig and Thea Floerchinger, Mark and Leslie Kroloff, and Kirk McGee and Gloria O’Neill in recognition of Carl H. Marrs, President/CEO of Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (1995-2004) for his vigorous advocacy of Pre-K-12 and post-secondary opportunities for CIRI shareholders, original enrollees, and their direct lineal descendants. Scholarships in business administration, economics, finance, organizational management, accounting or similar fields.

Lawrence Matson Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund Established by CIRI in 1989, in memory of Mr. Matson. Of Aleut-Russian descent, he served on the CIRI Board of Directors and held deep convictions about his Native heritage and the importance of education for Natives. Scholarships in language, education, social sciences, arts, communications and law.

Kirby McDonald Education Endowment Scholarship Fund Established in 1991 by Kirby McDonald, president of Universal Ogden Services, a worldwide caterer of remote sites. Scholarships in culinary arts (preferred), business administration and engineering.

George Miller, Jr. Management Leadership Endowment Fellowship Established by CIRI in 1996 in memory of Mr. Miller of Dena’ina Athabascan ancestry from Kenai, Alaska, who was the first President of CIRI (1972-1973) and President of Kenai Natives Association (1973-1986). Scholarships are available to foster improvement of tribal/cultural and corporate management skills for career advancement. Up to $6000 per year. Additional guidelines apply. Please contact The CIRI Foundation for further details.

Jason Moore Scholarship Fund Established by CIRI in 2018, in memory of Mr. Moore. Students in public relations, journalism, communications or other similar fields of study related fields.

William D. Phillips Scholarship Fund Established by CIRI, in memory of Mr. William D. Phillips to award annual scholarships at the special excellence level – for students in fields of study including government and public policy, public administration, budget and public finance, social policy, education policy or related fields. Applicants must be an original enrollee of Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) or their direct lineal descendants to be eligible. The deadline is June 1 only, for full-time degree seeking students.