A Journey to What Matters- Kasaan Community Carving Program

Carving back time

Project: Community Carving Program
Grantee: Organized Village of Kasaan
Story and photos from: Bethany Goodrich, Sustainable Southeast Partnership and Marina Anderson, Organized Village of Kasaan

In the small village of Kasaan, Alaska is a carving shed nestled among trees and wildlife. The carving shed in Kasaan is more than a space to carve, it is the heartbeat of the community. The carving shed offers ways for generations to connect, teach and learn Alaska Native Art, specifically form-line design and Southeast Alaska indigenous carving. The Organized Village of Kasaan was graciously awarded the Journey to What Matters grant by The CIRI Foundation and with that was able to offer multiple carving and art classes to people of all ages and from all backgrounds throughout the year. Children laughed while adults shared stories of their younger years and their hopes for the latter years of their children’s time.  This project took place during spring and summer 2019.