TCF Recipient Harmony Nyitrai

2023 Scholarship Spotlight

By Rachael Fisher, TCF Communications Manager

Welcome to The CIRI Foundation’s ‘TCF Recipient Spotlight’ series. Join us as we proudly celebrate the extraordinary journeys of our scholarship and vocational training grant recipients. These individuals exemplify the heights of academic achievement and the strength of community support. Their stories reflect our core values and embody TCF’s mission: nurturing educational excellence and self-sufficiency within our diverse alum community.

TCF Recipient Harmony Nyitrai

Harmony Nyitrai’s story is a powerful illustration of how scholarships can change lives. Expressing her gratitude, Harmony says, “Thank you, CIRI [Foundation], for helping me with a scholarship while I was in school. It meant a lot to me and my family.” 

Her experience at Charter College, marked by academic excellence stands as an inspiration for aspiring vocational professionals.

Cheers to bidding farewell to Top Ramen and happy meals! On a more serious note, hitting a major life milestone—I completed my journey at Charter College. Out of the 22 students on this 10-month adventure, I stand alone in being on time and successfully earning my welding certificate. The smoothest part of my year? Nailing my classes and scoring spots on the Dean’s List twice.



Revolutionizing Access: TCF’s Rolling Deadline Initiative

The CIRI Foundation’s introduction of rolling deadlines for vocational training grants marks a pivotal change in educational support. This flexible approach caters to the varying schedules and needs of students across different vocational fields, ensuring timely and effective financial assistance.

Joining Forces for Vocational Excellence

The story of Harmony Nyitrai and the introduction of rolling deadlines for vocational training grants signal a new chapter in TCF’s commitment to vocational education. This initiative invites everyone, from students to supporters, to be part of a movement that values practical skills and hands-on learning. TCF is dedicated to being more than just a funding source; it’s a partner in nurturing skills and building futures.

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