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Full-time in Anchorage, Alaska

The CIRI Foundation (TCF) works to create educational and cultural enrichment opportunities for our people. Since establishment in 1982 by CIRI, an Alaska Native Corporation under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), the Foundation has grown to a robust scholarship and grantmaking entity with a ~$55M endowment and multiple programs.

TCF’s mission is to promote individual self-development and economic self-sufficiency through education and to maintain pride in culture and heritage among Alaska Natives who are original enrollees of Cook Inlet region, their descendants and voting CIRI shareholders. The primary goal of the foundation is encouraging the education and career development of our Alaska Native beneficiaries through post-secondary scholarships and grants and other education projects. 

The CIRI Foundation seeks a dynamic and strategic leader to serve as its next President/CEO. The Executive must have strong business skills to manage the cost and effectiveness of the organization, and focus on the education and cultural goals while managing the Foundation toward future growth in foundation value to provide for future generations. The President/CEO will assume a leadership role within the Alaskan community, as a spokesperson for the organization. The President/CEO will be an experienced and thoughtful team leader, and an effective relationship builder with connections across Alaska’s education, culture, heritage and philanthropy sectors. 

The successful President/CEO will be committed to the values, mission, and goals of TCF, and believe strongly in the power and value of education. The President/CEO will continue to grow the foundation’s programs, leverage partnerships, streamline programs and operations, and review the grantmaking processes in line with and at the
direction of the strategy and vision set by the Board of Directors. The President/CEO will nurture collaborative relationships with partners and stakeholders, pursue fundraising opportunities and strategically leverage funding, advocate for Alaska Native people in the areas of education and culture, and engage in work that continues to support
students through education access and attainment. Additionally, the President/CEO will engage with nonprofits with likeminded goals and missions serving Alaska Native people, the State of Alaska and nationally.

Salary competitive depending upon qualifications and experience. Salary will be commensurate to education and
work experience and the evaluation of a
candidate’s fit for the position. This position is employed through an executive employment contract.

Additionally, TCF provides a suite of competitive benefits.

Location: Anchorage, Alaska.


Travel: This position may require occasional travel, within the State of Alaska and nationally, as needed. 

Please submit a complete application package to The CIRI Foundation Board of Directors at email: board@thecirifoundation.org.


A complete application package includes:

1:  A statement of your vision for Alaska Native education and cultural enhancement;

2:  A resume/CV;

3:  A TCF employment application.

TCF reserves the right to apply CIRI shareholder and descendant preference in employment and advancement opportunities. 


TCF adheres to all federal, state and local laws regarding equal employment opportunity and will not discriminate in violation of these laws.

Position is open until filled.

Department:                Management

Reports to:                   Chair and Board of Directors of The CIRI Foundation

FLSA Status:                Exempt

Date:                            March 1, 1999

Revised:                       February 3, 2023

General Function: Responsible for directing the overall staff, programs, fiscal and administrative activities of the organization. Works closely with the Board of Directors to develop the Foundation’s mission, vision, and strategies. Responsible for the effective use of financial and human resources of the organization. 

Major Activities: (Typical Duties/Responsibilities)

1.       Develops and ensures that the Foundation’s mission, vision, strategic plan, and policies, adopted by
the Board, are fully integrated and executed throughout the organization’s operations.

2.       Leads in the development, implementation, monitoring, and revision of the Foundation’s annual work plans.

3.       Responsible for oversight of annual budget preparations and internal draft unaudited quarterly financials. 

4.       Responsible for the oversight of the annual audit process, federal and state tax preparation.

5.       Responsible for the oversight of the Foundation’s annual insurance coverage renewal process.

6.       Responsible for development, recommendations for Board action, implementation, monitoring and revisions of the Foundation’s education and heritage programs, consistent with the organization’s mission, policies, budget and strategic plan.

7.       Reviews and makes recommendations to the Foundation Board on grant project program proposals submitted to the Foundation by other organizations.

8.    Hires necessary personnel, supervises, promotes personnel development, conducts evaluations, and makes recommendations for personnel revisions based on organization need and cost effectiveness.

9.       Oversight of personnel records and acts as the organizations designated Health & Safety Officer.

10.    Responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the Foundation’s investment and financial accounts.

11.    Responsible for budget development and fiscal management with a track record of leveraging partnership funding.

12.    Experience understanding and monitoring a private foundation’s IRS-required 5% payout distribution process related to the foundation’s fair market value of total assets.  

13.    Responsible for fundraising and donor relations and leveraging funding. Advocate for Alaska Native people –
especially in the areas of education and culture, and engage in work that continues to support students through education access and attainment. 

14.    Responsible for reporting requirements to other organizations for funds administered by the Foundation.

15.    Communicates in a timely manner with the Foundation Board of Directors, and communicates with the
Foundation’s Beneficiaries and the general public about the Foundation’s programs and purposes.

16.    Represents the Foundation in communication and cooperation with the non-profit organizations affiliated with Cook Inlet Region, Inc. and with other such organizations.

17.     In cooperation with the Chair, works with, encourages, and trains the Board in fulfilling its appropriate role.

18.   Prepares narrative and statistical reports on Foundation programs for the Foundation Board and donors for information and decision-making.

19.  Reports to the Foundation Chair and Board on a regular basis about the programs and operations of the Foundation.


·   Knowledge and skills appropriate for administration of an educational and cultural heritage foundation and programs with particular knowledge about Alaska Native history and cultures related institutions such as museums, cultural centers, postsecondary institutions, foundations, and trends in higher education and
employment opportunities.

·  Establishing trusting relationships with the Alaska Native community, Alaska Native leaders, philanthropic organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, workforce development partners, educators, community
partners and other stakeholders.

·  Ability to conceptualize, design, and develop programs, consistent with the mission, goals and objectives approved by the Foundation Board of Directors, and motivate and direct others in the achievement of organization goals and objectives, using a team approach.

·       Demonstrated experience developing and operationalizing strategies that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth.

·    Ability to work effectively with team members, management and the Foundation Board of Directors, regional non-profit Native organizations, Foundation beneficiaries and the general public.

·      Understanding of private foundation IRS rules and requirements according to GAAP statues.

·       Understanding of endowments, complex investments, financial statements, temporarily restricted and permanently restricted donations.

·       Understanding of intermediary grant-making practices, including expenditure responsibility agreements.

·       Promote the delivery of services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

·       Advocating for Alaska Native people in the areas of education, culture and heritage.

·   Excellent oral and written communication skills; public speaking skills; ability to problem solve and think critically.

·      Knowledge of modern management practices and supervisory techniques.

·    Proficient in the use of computers and word processing programs including; MS Office, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Teams, GoTo Connect, Zoom, and FileMaker Pro.

·      Experience with managing a hybrid workplace and remote team members.

·       Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the social, health, education, training and cultural needs of the Alaska Native and American Indian community. 

Minimum Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in business, education or related field and ten (10) years progressively responsible experience in the management of education, cultural or corporate human relations programs or any combination of training and experience that provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities to administer a non-profit education and cultural heritage foundation. Master’s Degree Preferred.

Required Contacts:

Chair, TCF

President, CIRI

Board of Directors, TCF

Board of Directors, CIRI

Staff, TCF

CIRI non-profit organizations

TCF Student Beneficiaries and Families

CIRI Village/Tribal Representatives


Donors to foundation

Members of the public and business

Outside suppliers and vendors


Scholarship & Grant Program Intern

Part-time in Anchorage, Alaska

Department: Education

Reports to: Vice President/Director of Programs

Supervises: None

Type: Temporary, Non-Exempt Part-time (NTE 29 hrs per week)

Date: March 1, 2023

General Function: This position assists, virtually and in-person, with administrative support for the scholarship and grant program. This position assists in the organization and implementation of specific projects using knowledge of good business practices, policies, and organizational skills. Provides front desk and related support services using multi-line telephones, orderly task performance, Microsoft Office computer skills, FileMaker Pro/Access, office equipment operations. Performs general office tasks as assigned. Provides excellent customer service.

Major Activities: (Typical Duties/Responsibilities in priority order)

Est. 90% of Time

Major Activities for Scholarship & Grant Program Intern:

• Screens and refers in-coming phone calls, and walk-in applicants, receives visitors, in-person and virtually, to the Foundation.

• Advises current and potential scholarship and grant applicants about TCF’s applicant process and eligibility requirements.

• Processes documents and data entry as requested, including but not limited to: (a) scholarship/grant applications; online and paper, and application supporting documents, (b) student/school mailings and (c) other mailings as required.

• Copies and files materials for scholarship/grant applications, finance, governance, and other materials as requested by team members.

• Reviews documents and information in the online application per request of Vice President/Director of Programs, team members and/or when needed to assist applicants.

• Performs initial screening of scholarship/grant applications for completeness and verifies eligibility of applicant.

• Prepares Acknowledgement Emails and distributes to the student.

• Adheres to TCF Scholarship/Grant Application Procedures.

• Processes check letters for individual scholarship and grants programs consistent with TCF’s processing procedures.

• Demonstrates a deep understanding of the processes for the individual scholarship and grant program.

• Keeps the kitchen in clean condition, the reception area and copy room organized.

• Coordinates team attendance and delivery items for TCF events.

• Performs other related duties as assigned by the President/CEO or Vice President/Director of Programs.

• Opens and processes daily incoming mail, email, and faxes.


Est. 10% of Time

• Provides staff support at annual Foundation events.

• Assists with Foundation outreach and Alaska Native education issues supported by TCF.

• Assists in the implementation of selected Foundation projects as authorized by the Vice President/Director of Programs or President/CEO.

• Performs related duties as assigned by the Program Associate or Vice President/Director of Programs.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

• Positive communication skills and attitude with Beneficiaries and the public; excellent customer service skills required.

• Knowledge of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA).

• Knowledge of filing procedures.

• Accuracy and detail in record keeping – exceptional attention to detail needed.

• Knowledge and practical experience with post-secondary institutions and student financial aid, preferred.

• Knowledge of general business formats and procedures.

• Experience on computer equipment and programs including: Microsoft Office, MS Teams, GoTo Connect and Zoom, databases and FileMaker Pro preferred.

• Knowledge of basic accounting skills to process check requests as needed.

• Proficient with proper grammar, good vocabulary and spelling.

• Knowledge of proper telephone and email etiquette.

• General understanding of grant making.

• Ability to compose basic business correspondence.

• Proofreading skills.

• Use of basic office equipment such as; copiers, printers and postage equipment.

• Ability to lift 25 pounds.

Minimum Experience Qualifications:

• High School Diploma or GED, Associate Degree preferred.

• Minimum of one year administrative clerical duties preferred, or

• Any combination of training and experience that provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities.

Standards of Employee Conduct: Employee Responsibilities

• Commitment to the mission of The CIRI Foundation.

• Maintain confidentiality and strong business ethics.

• Responsible use of working time with efficient task performance and quality results.

• Cooperation with supervisor and other employees.

• Observance of safety and health rules.

• Proper use and maintenance of company equipment and materials.

• Respect for other employees and their property.

• Maintenance of responsible attendance standards, including prior notification of absence.