Education Funding Overview

The CIRI Foundation is a private foundation established in 1982 by the ANCSA Corporation Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) Board of Directors. The mission of The CIRI Foundation is to promote individual self-development and economic self-sufficiency through education and maintain pride in culture and heritage among Alaska Natives who are original enrollees of Cook Inlet Region and their descendants.

The major goal of The CIRI Foundation is to encourage the education and career development of the Foundation’s Alaska Native beneficiaries through post-secondary scholarships and grants.

The CIRI Foundation has been supporting educational dreams since 1982. In that time, The CIRI Foundation has contributed more than $42 million for the Alaska Native beneficiaries of CIRI to participate in post-secondary education. Approximately $4.1 million has been granted through The CIRI Foundation Education and Heritage Project Grant Program toward other nonprofit organization projects that further the goals of the Foundation by serving our people, Alaska Natives, and Alaskans.

The CIRI Foundation currently offers funding for postsecondary education through scholarships, vocational training grants, and individual fellowships. Scholarship application deadlines are June 1 and December 1, with Designated Endowment and Higher Award Annual Scholarships only available at the June 1 deadline. Vocational Training Grant and Fellowship application deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 1. Funding is subject to availability.

The CIRI Foundation also administers a variety of village and tribal scholarships and grants, including Ninilchik Native Association, Inc. (NNAI), Salamatof Native Association Inc. (SNAI), Eklutna, Inc. (EI), and Cook Inlet Tribal Council’s Tribal Higher Education Scholarship and Alyeska Match Program, plus the RAVEN Fund for CIRI shareholders that are not direct lineal descendants of original enrollees.

Make sure to check each information page for full eligibility and award details, and feel free to contact The CIRI Foundation if you have any questions!

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