Connect with TCF – Opportunities for TCF Recipients and Alumni

The CIRI Foundation has a variety of options to fit your interests, from helping us at an event booth to serving on the Board of Directors. Do you have other ideas about ways you would like to connect? We would love to speak with you. Call or contact us today.

Share Your Story

Has something exciting happened in your life? We would love to help you celebrate your accomplishments – let us know about them!

You can choose to share with just TCF (it’s easy- email us), or if you agree to share your story with a wider audience, we will add it to our stories section to inspire future recipients.

Put Your Education to Work

We love to work with TCF Recipients. When our office is hiring, or our Board of Directors needs a new member, the first place we look is to you!

Let’s Get Together

We are happy to chat with TCF Recipients in person whenever we get the chance. If you’re in Anchorage, stop by our office for a visit. TCF also regularly travels to CIRI meeting locations on the Kenai Peninsula and in the Pacific Northwest, plus making visits to the schools where our recipients attend. If you’re curious about when we’ll next be in your area, drop us a line. We also invite TCF Recipients to join us and help share your experience with new and potential applicants at these events.


Meet Other TCF Recipients

We know how much fun it is to connect over coffee or tea with other TCF Recipients and play 3-degrees of separation, but aren’t always in your area. If you would like to host a coffee chat for current or former TCF Recipients from your school or living in the area, we’ll do the leg work and buy the coffee!

There is a Private Facebook Group just for TCF Recipients and Alumni. Contact us if you have questions about how to join.

Join TCF on Facebook

If you haven’t found us on Facebook yet, check it out! Not only do we post reminders for upcoming scholarship deadlines, we share content from our education partners and upcoming opportunities you may be interested in. This includes job opportunities and events in Anchorage, across Alaska, and even in the Lower 48.

We also invite TCF Recipients to contribute to our Facebook page- have a great snapshot of studying for finals or a completed project? Share it! Know of a conference or event at your school that shows off how amazing Alaska Native researchers are? We are interested!