A Journey To What Matters and Heritage Project Grant- Culture in the Classrooms

Project: Culture in the Classrooms
Grantee: Cook Inlet Native Head Start
Written by: Marilynn Woods, Cultural Coordinator

Dustin Newman & Tatiana Petticrew

We had Dustin Newman and Tatiana Petticrew share with our students the items that they made for our classrooms, Dustin made bentwood visors and Tatiana made Unangax regalia. The students were able to touch all the items and learned a little history about each. Dustin made the visors match each classroom animal and Tatiana made a girl and boy regalia item for each class.



George Albertsnow-shoes

We were so fortunate to have George Albert from Ruby make our snowshoes.  Mr. Albert is well known for his snowshoes and his work is beautiful. Mr. Albert lives in Ruby and we were not able to have him visit our center but Dee Olin and Dewey Hoffman (from Ruby) had the opportunity to show the students the snowshoes during their presentation of Koyukon language.


June PardueSugpiaq regalia

June Pardue made Sugpiaq regalia for our boys and girls to use in the classroom. We were so lucky that she was available to sew these beautiful garments! Earlier in the year Loren Anderson showed us his traditional Sugpiaq regalia and shared songs and dances with us, we are so happy that we now have Sugpiaq garments for each classroom!



Donna Folger

We were fortunate to have Donna Folger visit our school with the Tanana Dancers for a week in April. During this time she shared Koyukon Athabascan traditional songs/dances, stories, and did a presentation on traditional regalia. Donna and other Tanana residents made mukluks for our classrooms and some beaded slippers. We are so excited to share this traditional footwear with our students!

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