A Journey to What Matters Project

SWAAG Cultural Arts Classes

Story by Laura Ellsworth


The SouthWest Alaska Arts Group was honored to have hosted a series of four Indigenous arts workshops in Bethel funded by The CIRI Foundation. Our region is full of practicing artists with artforms learned from generations past.

SWAAG is so lucky to be able to work with these artists to share their knowledge within the community. It is so rewarding to see some of the participants continue creating the artwork on their own, after the workshop has ended! Equally as exciting is to see some of those same participants selling their work at local markets and online groups to supplement their income.

These classes are well loved within the community as a gathering place for like-minded learners to share amongst each other. The classes help to preserve cultural knowledge and encourage participants to express their own cultural identities through the work. They are a beautiful addition to our community activities, and help to make Bethel more inclusive, more connected, and a fun place to live! 

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