9 Books to Read About Alaska Native Heritage

Read Putting Up Fish

9 Books to Read about Alaska Native Heritage Previous Next Order Now The CIRI Foundation strives to support continued living traditions through heritage publications that enhance the appreciation and understanding of Alaska Native cultures. Whether you want to celebrate Alaska Native heritage, shop for unique gifts (like the design plans for building an urban smokehouse … Read more

A Journey to What Matters- Salmon Culture

Salmon Culture exhibit

An Alaska Native Cultural Heritage and Artistic Sovereignty in Museums Project funded through A Journey to What Matters Salmon Culture Grantee: Pratt Museum The exhibition project, Salmon Culture, was developed at the Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska with an Alaska Native curatorial team including Anna Hoover, Erin Gingrich, Drew Michael, Ilgavak Peter Williams, Rochelle Adams and Nadia … Read more

A Journey To What Matters and Heritage Project Grant- Culture in the Classrooms

Project: Culture in the Classrooms
Grantee: Cook Inlet Native Head Start
Written by: Marilynn Woods, Cultural Coordinator

Dustin Newman & Tatiana Petticrew

We had Dustin Newman and Tatiana Petticrew share with our students the items that they made for our classrooms, Dustin made bentwood visors and Tatiana made Unangax regalia. The students were able to touch all the items and learned a little history about each. Dustin made the visors match each classroom animal and Tatiana made a girl and boy regalia item for each class.


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