A Journey To What Matters Project Grant- Haida Regalia Making

Project: Haida Regalia Making
Grantee: Hydaburg City School District
Written by: Priscilla Goulding

Our project was making Haida regalia in the Hydaburg School (Hydaburg City School District) in grades K-12 as well as the Kasaan School, (part of Southeast Island School District).  Years ago, seniors would make regalia to wear at their graduation ceremonies in Hydaburg, and at a parent meeting some expressed the desire to rekindle this activity.  This provided the spark for the grant proposal.   The project was not limited to button blankets, the signature piece of regalia for the Haida people, but included headbands, tunics and deer skin aprons for the younger children.

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A Journey To What Matters Project Grant- Material Traditions: Sewing Gut

Project: Material Traditions: Gut, Ivory and Cedar
Grantee: Anchorage Museum Association
Organized by the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center at the Anchorage Museum and held at the Yupiit Piciryarait Cultural Center in Bethel
Written by: Hillary Vild, participant

No, I am not performing surgeries at the hospital and stitching up guts. I am embracing this wonderful place I am living and experiencing some of their traditional crafts.

The Yup’ik museum holds some classes to teach crafts and continue traditions.  This weekend, they held a gut skin sewing class.  Usually it is with seal gut, but due to the federal Marine Mammal Act, only Alaska Natives can handle seal gut intestines.  For us non-natives, we used hog intestines.

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