Grantee Resources

TCF has compiled a list of resources, which serve to benefit individuals, organizations and tribal entities who are seeking funding or assistance with developing programs in their community focused on education, culture and Alaska Native artists.


Grantee Toolkit

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Grant Required Documents

IRS Grant Regulations

Education Project Grant Evaluation Form*

Heritage Project Grant Evaluation Form*

Journey to What Matters Project Grant Evaluation Form*

Journey to What Matters Pre-Program Evaluation Survey

TCF Photo Release Form

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Additional Resources

Rasmuson Foundation | Communication Toolkit – Sharing your story and project are vital to the success of you project

UAA Continuing Education Department | Grant Writing Workshops – These valuable workshops can assist your organization to prepare and manage grants, for the success of your project.

Alaska State Council on the Arts | Click here to learn more about ASCA Grants and artist resources

Artist Resources | Click here for additional resources available to Alaska Native Artists.

Foraker Group | Community Education Calendar – Many free and low-cost educational opportunities for nonprofit sustainability and resource development

Artist Resource Workbook


The Alaska State Council on the Arts, in partnership with The CIRI Foundation, is pleased to provide the Alaska Native Artist Resource Workbook to assist Alaska Native artists in furthering their artistic careers. Please contact ASCA for more information about the workbook and upcoming artists professional development workshops scheduled across the state.

Click on the book cover for an electronic copy! 



NEW! Artist Grant Proposal Writing Handbookwritersfront_back

The purpose of this handbook is to offer suggestions and clarify the process of writing a grant proposal for arts funding.

This text was originally developed by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC), a British Columbia Canada based organization whose mandate is to support the revitalization of Aboriginal language, arts and culture. FPCC very generously agreed to share their workbook with The CIRI Foundation (TCF) to be adapted to provide information and resources specific to Alaskan artists. Lena Jacobs of Benozaadleyo Consulting, LLC assisted in the research and editing to create this revised Alaska version of the handbook.

TCF is grateful for this partnership and collaborative spirit enabling us to
increase our resources to perpetuate and promote the unique artistic and cultural traditions of Alaska Native peoples!

Click on the book cover for an electronic copy!