A Journey To What Matters- Akhiok Kids Camp at Native Village of Akhiok

Project: Akhiok Kids Camp
Grantee: Native Village of Akhiok
Written by: Speridon Simeonoff Jr.
Photo by: Sven Haakanson Jr. 

The camp for the project was located at Cape Alitak with the permission of Akhiok-Kaguyak Inc. All campers/supplies must be transported to the location by skiff. Here materials were gathered from the beach for the Sugpiat Kayak frame construction from 2016-2017. The weather created delays in the project (45mph winds, rain, fog). Elder Alfred Naumoff, instructor & master builder, was only able to attend one day. Some members were able to travel to Alfred’s location for instruction. Additional wood will need to cure for a year and the project is planned to continue in 2018. Younger campers worked on smaller carving projects. Skin sewing, beading, and painting were also some of the included activities. Despite the wet weather campers enjoyed the interaction & cultural learning.